While it has always been called the “heart of the home”, today’s kitchen can be equal parts brain with the high-end technology we have adopted at Sunbird kitchen.


We provide a unique set of high-end design and installation services for the kitchen. With state-of-the-art designs and comprehensive selection breadth, our designers are able to match almost any style, function, and budget.


The company uses quality raw materials and top of the line fittings imported directly from first class producers to ensure the highest standard of its products at the most reasonable price

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At Sunbird we carefully design kitchens to be resistant, functional and destined to satisfy the user’s work, storage and organization needs. Kitchens where each module makes the most of the available space

About Us

Sunbird Kitchen knows that each individual’s style and needs are unique, and with our design team we can create and make your dream kitchen come to life. We will work with you from beginning to end in creating your dream kitchen

People who purchase extremely high quality products expect the same in post-sales Service. That’s why when a Kitchen is bought as a part of a Home, our experts visit the purchaser in person to ensure perfect assembly and installation and offer advice on functionality. We also have a dedicated team for service, from which our clients can receive proper advice and suggestions. In this way we ensure that the purchase of Sunbird Kitchen is a lasting pleasure rather like cooking itself

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T Shaped Kitchens

L Shaped Kitchens


Adjustable Drawers

You can play with the space distribution of your drawers until all your odd size stuff fits in comfortably

Downward Draft

It is a masterpiece of minimalistic design; the downward draft pops up out of the kitchen top only when you actually need it

Wall Climber

A slight touch and that’s it, even a little child can open a drawer which is ten times his own weight

Soft Close

No more annoying sounds on closing even if the drawers are closed forcefully

Built in Appliances

It not just gives you flexibility and convenience but also complements the design of your beautiful kitchen